recipe index

Maple coconut granola

Multigrain chocolate cake

Kale pesto

Salted caramel nut bars

Pear sage sausage

Buckwheat cherry danish

Candied squash seeds

Avocado banana chocolate chunk muffins

Marathon smoothie

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Vegan parmesean

Apple cinnamon galette with flaky rye-spelt crust

Green garlic, kale & pumpkin seed pesto

Coconut rum banana cake

Coconut almond tartlettes with chocolate mousse/ganache

Coconut cream drop biscuits

Gluten-free biscuits & Southern style gravy

Blueberry superhero oatshake

Small batch sage & white pepper infused pear butter

Buckwheat cornmeal pear pancakes

Multigrain pear & chocolate chunk muffins

Lemon rocket pesto

Vodka sauce // raw not-vodka sauce

Tofu scramble with Vegg

Coconut cinnamon sugar toast

Asparagus & caramelized red onion pesto

Spinach citrus smoothie


Anything goes chocolate chip cookies

Spinach artichoke dip

Slow cooker creamy tomato soup

Grain-based Italian meatballs

Potato focaccia

Pumpkin drop biscuits

Lacto-fermented probiotic pickles

Spaghetti pie

Blueberry millet muffins

Lemon olive oil cake (with yoghurt and almond meal)

Blueberry teff sourdough waffles with lemon icing

Pineapple avocado Buddha bowl with mushrooms and green garlic

Five minute miso cashew chèvre

Chocolate beet root cake

Cherry macaroon tart with a muscovado rye crust

Tomato chèvre galette with a cornmeal crust

Butternut queso

Olive oil cake with rosemary and bittersweet chocolate

Apple crumble with muscovado and rye 

Teriyaki chickpeas

Quick teff crêpes

Hong Kong (rice) noodles

Quinoa summer salad

Quick pan-fried cannelloni beans with coriander and thyme

Blueberry lemon breakfast cake

Peanut butter cake

Nutmeg medjool date scones 

Cider cardamom doughnuts

Blueberry marshmallow meringue muffins

Cranberry key lime pie

Double chocolate s’mores tart

Pumpkin chocolate chunk multigrain muffins

Sourdough discard waffles